Below are 15 Modules that make up the SMW Group Corporate Online Safety Induction. To begin, select from the units listed below. Once you have completed a unit it will be marked with a green tick.  Your induction progress will be highlighted in the right column as you progress through the training.

There are also competency questions at the end of some Modules that need to be answered. You have 3 attempts to get all the questions correct, before a notification will be sent to the Human Resources Department in regards to your result.

Module 1 Commitment to Safety
Unit 1 This Induction
Unit 2 Safety at SMW
Unit 3 Safety Legislation
Unit 4 Your Responsibilities
Unit 5 Safety Management System
Unit 6 Train Safe, Be Safe
Module 2 Hazards and Risks
Unit 1 Hazard, Risk and Consequence
Unit 2 Risks in the Workplace
Unit 3 Risk Management Process
Unit 4 Step 1: Identify the hazard
Unit 5 Step 2: Assess the Risk
Unit 6 Step 3: Control Measures
Unit 7 What to do if you find a hazard?
Module 3 Incidents, First Aid and Housekeeping
Unit 1 Reporting to WHSQ
Unit 2 Your Incident Reporting Responsibility
Unit 3 Reporting and Treatment
Unit 4 First Aid
Unit 5 Your First Aid Responsibilities
Unit 6 Safety Signage
Unit 7 Housekeeping
Module 4 Noise
Unit 1 Noise Management Introduction
Unit 2 How to Use Ear Plugs and Muffs
Unit 3 Equipment Noise Exposure Times
Unit 4 Your Noise Management Responsibilities
Module 5 Personal Safety
Unit 1 Personal Protective Equipment
Unit 2 Manual Handling
Unit 3 Slips, Trips and Falls
Module 6 Vehicle and Traffic Management
Unit 1 Traffic Management
Unit 2 Driving SMW Group Vehicles
Unit 3 Incidents and Insurance
Unit 4 Site Specific Vehicle and Plant Rules
Unit 5 Navman GPS units
Module 7 Fire Safety and Evacuation
Unit 1 Fire Safety and Evacuation Introduction
Unit 2 Evacuation Instructions
Unit 3 Fire Fighting
Unit 4 Fire Fighting Equipment Safety
Unit 5 The Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Team
Module 8 Additional Specific Hazards
Unit 1 Competency Check